For more than 90 years, Levinter & Levinter have been successfully representing the rights of accident victims. During this time there is one thing we have found again and again: Personal injuries all have one thing in common, whether they occur as the result of a car accident, medical or dental malpractice issue, workplace injury or any other cause - they leave the accident victim feeling overwhelmed and often, overwrought. The reson is simple: Accidents take a substantial toll on their victims, both physically and emotionally. Dealing with these issues while you are trying to recover can take its own toll. At the same time there are financial considerations: medical costs, the cost of ongoing therapy, lost wages - even pain and suffering. All of these costs - physical, emotional and financial - have an effect on you and on your loved ones.

Get the compensation you deserve

Today, most accident claims are handled by big insurance companies who have their own interests at heart. Paying substatial claims doesn't help them build big profits. As a result, many accident victims find themselves facing an uphill battle when they try to file a claim for an accident-related injury on their own. That's why having a personal injury attorney is so critically important